Food transparency: Terres du Sud & Connecting Food launch the first blockchain for the duck sector under the "Delmond L'Originel" brand

blockchain Nov 26, 2019

This is a first in the duck sector: by simply scanning the QR Code placed on the product package, the consumer will be able to discover the entire journey of the animal, from the farm to the store, and verify that the brand's commitments have been respected thanks to the blockchain.

Blockchain is a transparent and secure information storage and transmission technology that operates without a centralized control operator. It is particularly suitable for traceability issues because once information is recorded in the blockchain, it is impossible to change or falsify it. This is why the blockchain is often referred to as a trusted third party.

By choosing the Connecting Food transparency platform, the Terres du Sud Group, an agricultural cooperative in Southwest France, has put innovation and technology at the heart of the duck food-chain and its emblematic "Delmond L'Originel" brand, guaranteeing consumers traceability and flawless quality of the products they buy.

The solution adopted by Terres du Sud and provided by Connecting Food allows complete traceability of products, but it also certifies in real time that the product complies with its specifications.  All of this is impossible to forge, since both the data and the audit evidence are recorded on the blockchain.

The benefits expected by the Terres du Sud Group are numerous and extend throughout the entire sector:

- for farmers: communicate their added-value production and know-how,
- for retailers: provide their customers with greater transparency and food safety,
- for consumers: proven evidence of the origin and quality of the products they buy.

Going beyond taste: consumers are increasingly attentive to the origins of the food they consume. Thanks to this project, Terres Du Sud is opening up the traceability of their entire duck food-chain, supported by the Delmond brand.

First product to benefit from the duck blockchain: the Périgord duck breast "Delmond L'Originel" - guaranteed GMO-free

Thanks to a QR Code on the label, consumers will be able to access a web-app that gathers information on the animal's journey from the farm to the store shelf on their smartphone.

This will allow them to ensure that the product's promises have been respected:
- the "Périgord foie gras duck" with its Protected Geographical Identity (PGI),
- the absence of GMOs in duck feed.

The product launch will take place in the first quarter of 2020, and will be showcased at two main events:

The French Agriculture Fair, from February 22 to March 1, 2020.
A press conference at the La Ferme Digitale Pavillon will allow journalists and the general public to discover (and taste) the duck breasts traced and audited by the Connecting Food blockchain.

The M.A.D.E. exhibition, March 17, 2020.
The Terres du Sud Group will be exhibiting at M.A.D.E, a showcase of innovation in the food industry, and will present its product to all food distribution networks, which are increasingly demanding transparency and blockchain products.

In addition to duck breast, the Terres du Sud Group plans to gradually extend the use of the Connecting Food blockchain technology to other products and its various sectors.

Samantha Gadenne

Samantha is an American living in Paris, France. She works as an International Business Developer for Connecting Food, and is passionate about the potential of blockchain for agricultural.